How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost4.8 (95.56%) 18 vote[s] State Certified  Inspections LLC Cost vs Risk Can you afford not to have a Home Inspection? How much does a Home Inspection Cost This is often the first question prospective home buyers ask me. (Asking the inspector about their qualifications, experience and how they get … Read more

Home Insurance Inspection

Home Insurance Inspection5 (100%) 10 vote[s] State Certified Inspections LLC EXPECT TO ACHIEVE GREAT THINGS: If you are ready to protect your investment and want to steer clear of any potential problems or issues, you will love what Windstorm Inspections will do for you. Florida home insurance inspections are crucial to have done and will … Read more

Insurance Windstorm Inspection

Insurance Windstorm Inspection5 (100%) 9 vote[s] Insurance Windstorm  Inspection Take Advantage of Windstorm Inspection  Credits. With a Windstorm Insurance Inspection the state of Florida requires insurance companies to offer discounts for protecting your home against damage caused by windstorms.  These discounts are known as Wind Mitigation Credits and are offered after a certified inspection is … Read more

Insurance Four Point Inspection

Insurance Four Point Inspection5 (100%) 9 vote[s] Insurance Four Point Inspection  Insurance Four Point Inspection information: Polybutylene plumbing, aluminum branch wiring, old water heaters, older roof coverings, Federal Pacific electrical panels, knob and tube wiring, electric fuses, open flame heat sources are all just a few of the insurance buzz words that are coming back. These issues … Read more

Insurance Wind Mitigation Inspection

Insurance Wind Mitigation Inspection5 (100%) 7 vote[s] How can a Wind Mitigation Inspection Save me Money on Insurance Premiums If you live in a coastal state, you’ve probably heard of a Wind Mitigation Inspection for Insurance Discounts. If you’re a Florida resident, especially – that peninsular state sprawling into the Atlantic and Gulf, flirting with … Read more

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