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How can a Wind Mitigation Inspection Save me Money on Insurance Premiums

If you live in a coastal state, you’ve probably heard of a Wind Mitigation Inspection for Insurance Discounts. If you’re a Florida resident, especially – that peninsular state sprawling into the Atlantic and Gulf, flirting with tropical storms and hurricanes every summer and fall – almost assuredly you’re familiar. And if you’re not, you might want to reconsider the significant savings a home inspection may offer, should nature’s fury unleash.

Many property owners receive wind mitigation inspections to assess  the preparedness of their homes and businesses in resisting the effects of windstorm damage or loss. Interestingly, even in Florida, wind mitigation inspection are not required by insurance companies or mortgage lenders – it’s totally optional, unlike some derivative of the four-point home inspection (which assesses the status of a property’s electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems plus the roofing) or a more intensive roof condition inspection. So why would someone want to order an extra inspection if it isn’t 100% needed? Because it could save you money!

Wind Mitigation Insurance is the only inspection that is almost guaranteed to Save You Money  in some level of insurance discount on your insurance premium.

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